Monday, September 15, 2014

More Scent Articles

Yesterday I blogged about Rundle's scent articles and so today I thought I would video tape our session. We added a bit more distance to the pile today, so right now Rundle is working with me about 15 feet from the pile.  Today we did 3 sends and we only ever do a maximim of 4 sends to the pile in one session.  It is interesting how Rundle is starting to develop a system at the pile. He always seems to go around the back of the pile and work his way to the front. I make sure to vary where the articles are placed so that he gets used to checking the entire pile.  I am also letting him bring the dumbbell right back to me now (no formal fronts required) instead of clicking as soon as he commits to the correct one and starts bringing it back.  If he does make an error, I just walk up and thank him for the one he brought me and encourage him to find the right one.  If he makes another mistake we just end the session.


  1. so awesome Kim!!!! so you are using all 3 articles in your session, 1 wood, 1 metal, 1 leather?

    1. I always mix it up with each session. For this session I used 2 metal and 1 wood.