Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Birthday

Today Rundle turns 1 year old.

It's hard to believe that Rundle is growing up so quickly. He is maturing in some ways but still so very puppyish in other ways. He is a completely delightful dog and keeps us laughing every day. Rundle loves to cuddle and will snuggle right into your shoulder and sometimes I literally have to pry him off of me.  He loves to play and I have more than my share of bruises from Rundle trying to play tug with my sleeve.  Rundle loves everyone he meets and cannot contain his excitement when he gets to visit people he knows. He is such a fun puppy to live with and to train. I am so very greatful to his breeder for trusting me enough with this sweet boy to send him across the country.  We love this boy more than words can say. 

Happy Birthday, Rundle!!!


  1. Rundle is a beautiful dog, I am currently researching for my first BMD, your blog has been very helpful. Thanks, Luke.

  2. Happy birthday again Rundle!!! you are the best!